St George, BankSA, Bank of Melb — 3-5 yr fixed rates decrease effective 29/07/2014

Macquarie — fixed rates decrease effective 29/07/2014

Macquarie — additional discounts on <80% LVR’s variable rates effective 29/07/2014

Westpac — 3-4 yr fixed rates decrease effective 30/07/2014

Adelaide Bank— Changes to Ongoing Fees and Charges effective 01/08/2014

Suncorp— Back to Basics and Home Package 3yr Fixed rate offers effective 7/07/2014, until 30/09/2014

Westpac— New Flexi First 2yr Intro Variable rate offer effective 7/07/2014, until 3/10/2014

St George, BankSA and Bank of Melb— Basic Home Loan Special offer extended until 30/11/2014

Westpac— PAP variable rate offering extended until 12/12/2014

ING— Fee waiver promotion has been extended until 31/12/2014

AMP— Essential Home Loan fee waiver offer extended until further notice

CBA— 3yr fixed rate MAV Special offer extended until further notice

CBA— 3yr special rate saver offer has been extended until further notice



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Posted: 30th July 2014.


With fixed rates at historically low levels now commonly available among many lenders, many borrowers are considering fixing their home and investment loans. A sound case can be made for fixing at least a portion of the overall borrowings. By splitting their facilities borrowers gain interest rate and repayment certainty on that portion of the loans that is fixed, for a set period (term). And by keeping a portion on a variable rate they retain the flexibility to escalate repayment and offset savings against this part of the debt. Another potential benefit of this strategy is that this also means that if interest rates continue to fall, the interest rate being applied to the variable portion will also fall. Of course, if rates do go up then this portion will rise, while the fixed portion remains constant. In any event it could be time to review the way your facilities are structured, to consider your options, which are caring and professional broker can help with.