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    Specialist Services: SMSF, Self-Employed, Poor Credit

    We are witnessing a rapid growth in this space and have access to a number of lenders able to cater for the sophisticated requirements in this area. We will present you specialist accredited lending options to facilitate your structure and circumstances.

    Of course the imperatives remain the same: lowest overall cost, suitability of product features and the flexibility to cater for changes in your circumstances. To achieve this end we will help you to package your application, and explain to you, in simple terms the type of criteria that the various lenders are looking at.

    We will hunt for the options that give you the most choice that we can find, and help you sort through to the most sympathetic lenders in your individual circumstances. We understand that no two applications are the same.

    Once we have some realistic and competitive options to present to you, we will compare short, medium and long term overall costs as well as those features that will enable you to cater for changing circumstances that we can and some cases cannot, reasonably, predict.

    Home loans, investment property loans, business loans and asset loans can all be catered for in these categories, in many instances.