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    Construction And Renovating

    Often seen as one of the most challenging periods in people’s lives, the lending process need not be complicated. Our experience in helping people through this process will help to ensure that gaining access to the funds to construct or renovate is hassle free. We understand that this really is an aspirational time in your life and that you really are only looking forward to the outcome.

    Our caring professionals canhelp you with your understanding and to compile the key criteria and supporting documents that lenders require. This includes demonstrating that you can afford the level of borrowings you will need to complete the project, including any existing debt, and demonstrating that the project will be completed, in most cases,with a registered builder,which usually means that the loan will be drawn in stages so that the lender can inspect and control the project to safeguard your property and the lenders security.

    One of the most important considerations for your project is the overall costs, fees and interest rates, including the construction and renovation stage and beyond. We will undertake a total cost comparison of suitable lenders with your short, medium and long term goals and circumstances in mind.