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    Investment Property Loans

    We understand that the imperatives involved for the property investor are unique, but believe that it should not cost more. For most people, this is the most readily accessible area for wealth creation. Home Edge has helped facilitate many investors through providing access to suitable and cost-effective investment property loans, and watched them do well out of their property investments. You can direct us in conjunction with your accountant and advisers to arrange suitable structures and products.

    Quality loan options from some of Australia’s leading lenders

    We can help if you are looking for the best deal and most appropriate loan options. Cost and features are compared across our large panel of lenders. Investment property loans can be set up so as to access and use equity in your existing property, and upon review we can look to restructure your portfolio to incorporate different loan splits and entities to maximise the benefits of your portfolio.

    Benefits of investment property loans

    For many investors, the certainty of fixed interest rate loans is appealing and many have chosen to fix rates in the current market, especially as the longer fixed terms are now at particularly low levels. Another common feature of investment property loans is that you can elect for repayments to be interest-only repayments, subject to credit approval, for a selected period of time. This can be on both fixed and variable rate investment property loans. It should be noted, though, that to qualify for an interest-only period, you must demonstrate the capacity to repay the loan in the time frame within the overall loan term, when the loan reverts to a principal and interest repayment.

    To discuss your options when it comes to purchasing an investment property, make an appointment with Home Edge today. Call (03) 9885 8831 or contact us online.